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This page is dedicated to your reflective thoughts and questions.  We will offer you our perception to them.  In our workshops, Inner Journey: the Series© we offer people many views and it is your journey to learn what resonates for you.  It is our hope that this page will be helpful and thought provoking.

We invite you to submit your thoughts and questions by emailing us irequest@bridgingtwoworlds.net.   We will select, reply and post some of them on this page.

I was wondering, when going through the process of making a major decision in one’s life how much should we rely on just fate or instinct?

- Sasha

People many times talk about fate as something we have very little control over and that it is meant to be. While we believe we have chosen what we want to learn in this life, but it is how we choose to learn it through “free will” that we either learn a lesson or repeat it. Just remember life is full of lessons; after all it is a classroom.  Instinct is a basic part of our being and it is important to acknowledge.  Instinct can be driven by fear, hope and many other emotions.  In our classes Inner Journey; the Series© we teach self improvement, self development and of course, extra sensory skills or psychic development.  One gets the clearest information when they are in balance; emotionally, physically, intellectually and psychically.


My Mother passed away and about a week later my sister had a dream where she visited her. My two brothers both saw her in a dream. It has been a year now and she has not come to me in a dream. Is she mad at me? I can not figure out.

- Ann

There are several reasons why this happens.  First, your brothers may need those visits for some reason between her and each of them.  This doesn’t mean she doesn’t visit you!  She may be doing it in other ways! Spirit comes through where we are the most receptive.  For some people it is while taking a hot bath, sometimes it's while singing to your self in a car, taking a walk, taking a shower, cleaning and for some it is the twilight hours just before waking or drifting off to sleep.  Is she mad at you?  No….she communicates with you in a different way; she is your mother, without her earthly worries and now she can guide you and build communication.  Communication is best when it is two sided.  Sometimes we just get in our own way, when we are not calm in life we have a hard time seeing or hearing; perhaps you can work with mediation and visualization techniques to balance and center yourself.


I get feelings about things that always end up happening for others, especially around someone’s death.  What should I do about this and do I share this information with them.

- Lisa

Lisa, we should live each life to the fullest and as every day has the potential to be our last!  It devalues the need for this information about seeing someone’s death. You are not alone in getting information like this, but for what purpose?  Too share this information?  We suggest you apply “integrity” to your choice.  Work with helping people find their way through those y’s in the road—so life can be learned with less pain and it helps us as a whole.


When my son passed I saw a bird’s feather on my son’s casket, at my feet by the grave site and I continue to get them by my car door, house door or when I go for a walk.  I see them everywhere.  Is he trying to say something to me?

- Jennifer

Absolutely, spirit has a way of communicating through nature.  Whether it is butterflies, a particular bird that always appears at a specific time, feathers, whatever…it is a wonderful connection; reminding us that they are guiding our footstep-they are not gone and we are not alone. Life and Death are transitions, not destinations.


When I read your book and saw the two of you at Bridging Two Worlds it seems so easy for you to do this kind of work.  Have you ever been afraid of what you see, hear or feel?  I just think it would be scary.

- Kari

The audience is scarier for us—all kidding aside, we come from a space that fear is something that signals us to learn about what it is we fear.  As far as seeing scary things on the other side—we choose to aim high.  Why not?  We have seen, heard or felt things that were less then what we want to be in touch with, but we have developed selective hearing and sight. We learned this skill from great teachers--our children, bless their heart, who have the ability to be mother deaf and not choose to see us standing in front of them--at will.


My grandmother was psychic and so was my mother. Could I be psychic?

- Linda

Everyone is psychic!  We only teach people to. After all, we all come from the same place.  Some people just remember it and use it more than others but people will naturally use it at different degrees through their life.  If you are one of many who get insights here and there—to develop it will take practice and dedication.    


If I get a reading, is it possible that there will be no one around me and I have been told I am difficult to connect with?

- Jeannie

We have yet to experience someone who has no one around them.  A good psychic should not be connecting with you; they should be connecting with your guides, higher self and spirits around you.  We feel that any difficulty in a reading would be in understanding the information coming through or recognizing who is coming through. The information we give in a reading will be correct, it will only be incorrect as far as how someone on this side chooses to interpret it.  That is what we call doing your homework.


My friend lived in a haunted house.  She and her husband moved to a different house that was brand new.  They are saying that their new house feels the same way.  What does this mean?

- Paula

We will first state that we are aware of places that are haunted.  The sightings that your friends are referring to could be a couple of things.  One option might be they have a spirit that is like one of those relative that come to stay for a night and just stay a long time with them or something they own.  In this instance, we would suggest clearing their home and items, this process is much more detailed that we can go into here.  The second option is that they are inviting this spirit with them because they or the spirit loves the attention it brings.  Either way, we think that clearing it is a good choice.  We share with our students that no one stays unless they pay the rent, but relatives do stop in to say hi.


My life is in absolute chaos.  I seem to attract people who are bad for me.  How do I figure this out and get away from it.  I just feel like no matter what I do, it doesn’t turn out.  I am starting to wonder if the universe has a grudge against me.

- Kari

You can not change problems with the same mind that created them.  You will need to change something.  The universe holds for all of us hope, love and guidance.  When we give our power over to anything less, it is only less.  So to lift yourself from your circumstances requires you to resolve the issues or lessons that are being repeated.  We can be victimized but we do not have to stay victim.  Be wise, choose wisely and own your own power.  It is there that you can change your path.  Remember change does not happen, it is made.  Learning meditation, centering and balance for the emotions, mind and body are the place for you.  This requires a lot of work and walking a path that even when you fall you pick yourself up and keep going.  To take responsibility for the good, bad and indifferent will put you on the path; you are where you are by choices you made.  Apply compassion and gratitude for yourself and others are a huge step towards being positive. Changing your perception is another tool for your emotional tool box.  Everything that has a positive has a negative, what do you choose to notice? Is it raining to ruin your day or is it raining so the flowers will bloom.


Is there life after divorce? I would like to remarry someday, but just haven’t found that one person.

- Randy

Perhaps your impatience is showing.  Do you know what or who you really want? The universe helps us by giving us things we want until we decide we want something different.  That is why you are divorced.  It is a good practice to formulate what it is you really want before you manifest it.  So yes there is life after the death of a marriage.  Remember death in any form is just a transition.  Remember that transition takes us off autopilot and puts us in the pilot’s seat!


I always feel like everybody wants something from me.  I don’t know who are my friends and who are not, as I always end up feeling used by everyone.   How do I tell them to stop without hurting their feelings? I wish there was someone out there who didn’t want anything from me.


John, relationships are two way streets.  They are give and take, but boundaries are what might be lacking.  When we have invisible boundaries, they are like invisible fences and someone is sure to be shocked or hurt.  Perhaps it would be a good time to learn where your boundaries are and where you would like them set.  Looking for someone who doesn’t want “anything” from you (and does this mean you want nothing from them?) does not make a relationship because relationship means that it is two people who relate with each other.  That is an exchange and that happens when two people want something. Even, if it is just a smile.


I have built my business and my life around what I call my guidance or angels have told me to do.  I now am unhappy and feel like I have been taken advantage of because it is not where I want it to be.  What can I do?

- Chandra

Own your own power and do not fall victim to yourself for making your own choices.  Even if the choice you made did not take you to where you want to be, by owning that choice, you have the ability to create change. The word “guidance” means to offer advice or counsel.  It is not meant to “tell” you anything.  Telling would suggest to taking your free will away.  If someone or something is telling you what to do I have to ask you, “What kind of wisdom are you listening to?” You have free will and can choose to give it away.  Sometimes the word listen is mistakenly perceived as obey especially when we feel the person that is speaking has authority. Listen is only the act of opening your mind to hear what someone is saying. You have free will to choose what resonates for you and only you can change your path.


I feel like every woman in my life has wanted something.  I feel used up and don’t trust women very much.  What can you share with me on how to get past these feelings?

- Michael

Michael, what part did you play in these relationships?  Relationships usually involve two and you would not have been in them if you didn’t receive something in return.  Does this sound like a repeat pattern or lesson? Perhaps being more independent until you become more secure with yourself and then learning to partner would be a good approach.  That means 50/50.  It would be wise to clear yourself of these past issues first because carrying this attitude into every relationship only sets up each relationship to end with the same results for you.  Get some counseling and healing going and perhaps staying independent while doing this will shed new light on your situation.  I would also suggest that in counseling you talk about your trust issues with self.


I recently read on a website that a psychic isn’t a psychic unless they have many years of experience.  How do you feel about this?

- Cindy

We emphatically disagree with the statement.  We are all psychic beings; there is a spiritual as well as a physical aspect to us. You can hear amazing insights from children as well as elders.   Someone who states that he or she is a good psychic because they have been doing this for twenty or more years is working from ego.  This does not make you a “good psychic”. Applying knowledge, experience, integrity, dedication, grace and wisdom to any work is essential.  We have witnessed some amazing work from psychics of all degrees of experience.  A well balanced person can be a well balanced psychic, anything less is only less. 



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