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July 9, 2006
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What do you do when your mother's a psychic...and you are too?
If you're Susan and Christine Anderson, you become a psychic team.

New York–For many years Susan Anderson, a native of a small Minnesota prairie town, resisted her psychic abilities because they did not seem compatible with her religious tradition. Because of that resistance, her daughter Christine did not feel comfortable with her life-long psychic abilities either. Nearly four years ago, however, when Susan was encouraged to embrace her heightened sensitivities, she and Christine were finally able to acknowledge their psychic abilities with each other and now, share them as a team through their self-development course, Inner Journey; the Series©; gallery readings; and private readings.

Susan’s recently published book, Communicating with Grace: The Awakening of a Psychic Medium is the story of her acceptance of the psychic abilities she’d had all her life.  It was four years ago that Susan “saw” her brother’s illness and death in advance of it happening and she was shocked.  But, she was even more shocked when those events actually played out and what she had “seen” proved to be true. The journey that followed is one that brought Susan to peace with her abilities and allowed her to team with her already acknowledged psychic daughter to pursue their life’s work.

Most recently, Susan and Christine did regular psychic readings by phone on Houston’s KRBE radio’s morning show with Atom and Maria. The phone lines lit up for all of their segments and their insights and accuracies have not only been validated on air by callers but also via email and phone calls to both the radio station and Susan and Christine’s website (www.bridgingtwoworlds.net).

“These women are amazing.  I’m a very skeptical person, so seeing is believing to me.   After watching them work and seeing how right on they were, I was a skeptic no more.  This is for real.” said Josh Reno, morning show producer for 104 KRBE. 

Those KRBE phone appearances culminated in sold out live gallery readings in Houston. A psychic gallery reading is intended to bring messages from audience members’ deceased family and friends to help bring understanding, acknowledgement or purpose to those still here.  Messages can be funny, touching, sad, trivial or serious, but usually affirm the continuity of human connection beyond the obvious. A gallery reading can also include psychic predictions.

Susan and Christine Anderson have a national following and have appeared on numerous radio shows, NBC’s KARE11 and in major newspapers like the Star and Tribune.  Check it out on their website, ‘in the news’.

Producer’s note:  Time Sensitive: They will be available for live radio call in readings from your listeners, get in on their coming appearances by getting them on your program, now!  You listeners will love them.  Check out what other areas of the country have to say about them on their website…reflection page.

Editor’s note:  Time Sensitive: They are coming to New York’s Long Island and Manhattan areas in August. 

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