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April 4, 2007
For immediate release
Minneapolis/St. Paul and surrounding area
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A Special Mother/Daughter Relationship is coming to Houston!
Psychic Team Reveal Life and Love: Here and Hereafter

Susan and Christine Anderson are unique. Not only are they are the only mother/daughter psychic medium team in the country but they are living proof that long gone relatives may be close by.

These respected guests open lines of communication with the living and the departed. Whether addressing women in distress, mother/daughter relations, passed on dads, brothers, uncles or friends, these insightful guests offer lessons in living through the death of loved ones.

The Anderson’s invitation to you and your audience: Don’t just do a show. Make it an interactive event. Remember and talk with those who have gone on – to the other side.

Learn how to:

  • Bring back the memory, laugh or the smile of a loved one.
  • Reconcile with the dearly departed – finally bringing peace and clarity.
  • Tap the psychic in you and reach out to unseen energies around us all.
  • See how the dead can heal emotional wounds among the living.
  • Interpret messages from the other side and how they apply to past, present or future events in the audience members lives.

Great Mother’s Day/Memorial Day/ Father’s Day or any day Guests
Remember and Communicate with Loved Ones Who Have Passed Beyond.
They have wonderful true life stories to share about their work.

CREDENTIALS: Susan and Christine Anderson are an internationally recognized psychic medium team and in-demand speakers and interview guests. Susan Anderson is the author of COMMUNICATING WITH GRACE: The Awakening of a Psychic Medium, the story of her own psychic awakening. They are co-authors of the seminar, Inner Journey: the Series© teaching social and personal responsibility, and conduct both individual and group readings called Bridging Two Worlds® nationwide.

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