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January 3, 2007
For immediate release
South Carolina
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International Recognized Psychic Medium
Mother/Daughter Duo are taking Stage in your area!

Get these remarkable women on your show , give away tickets for their upcoming event and see how your listening or view audience is amazed by the only known Mother/Daughter team to take stage together and tag team as they read and answer questions your audiences pose. The Internationally recognized Mother/Daughter psychic duo is taking the mystery out of the mystical with their down to earth, logical but witty and entertaining ideas and attitudes toward the unseen energies around us. Their approachable yet confident style is appealing; your audience will receive concise and direct messages and information. Susan and Christine Anderson state, “Everyone is psychic”, and they can help you remember how. These “extra-sensory specialists” will intrigue and teach you and your audience. The experience will always leave the audience and you wanting more offering affirmation that we are all psychic and there is continuity in life.

Why audiences keep requesting to hear Susan and Christine?

A passionate Mother/Daughter team that tunes in to your audience and delivers without asking any questions except their notable question that hosts use, “Would you like something personal, business or who is around you” takes away the skeptic’s doubt about their work and has won them an international following for the passion and integrity they display in their work. Their humor and common sense when reading your audience or during interviews with them regarding their authored projects; Susan authored, Communicating with Grace: the Awakening of a Psychic Medium© which talks about the first 3 years of their journey and/or their combined authoring effort which created Inner Journey; the Series©, a motivational and self development course. They do phone and in-person readings and their events nationwide called, Bridging Two Worlds® with Susan and Christine Anderson.
These women are passionate about their work and it shines through just as Carol T. from Minnesota wrote, “We really enjoyed the event. I have been to several kinds of forums like this and this was the most entertaining besides “right on”. We were both impressed as to how Susan and Christine are so confident of their readings and very direct, not vague at all. We loved it!”

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