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About US

Q:  Is it scary seeing people on the other side?

A:  It can be startling at times when you do not expect to see someone but it is not scary. We have a lot of stories about this that we share when we can through our events and radio appearances.

Q:  Do you think I could be psychic?

A:  We feel everyone is.  It is part of who we are, we have a tendency to write off validations as “coincidences”, or ignore them totally.   Most people have probably felt something, heard something or seen something they “thought they did” but than wrote it off as if it isn’t physically there, so……it must not exist.  The other side can be very subtle.

Q:  What was it like growing up with a Mother who was psychic?

A:  It was a feeling that your Mother had eyes in the back of her head.  She seemed to know things I was doing.

Q:  What’s it like to have a daughter who is a psychic?

A:  It felt like you had to run sometimes to keep up with her.  She is always creative and gives you plenty of interesting moments.

Q:  What is it like working together as Mother and Daughter?

A:  We both agree that it has its challenges and rewards.  And of course, the rewards far outweigh the challenging moments and we believe that working together offers a great validation for Mothers and Daughters everywhere.  We wouldn’t trade a moment!


QHow do I get a private reading?

A:  You can get a free reading by calling into one of the radio stations they appear on.  They are short readings and will be based on if you would like “business”, “personal”, or “who is around you”.  Call Ins have a choice of one of the three topics.  They will give their name and say which one they one.  Susan and Christine give will give you a short reading based on which one you choose.  Remember, only your name and which category you would like is what they want because they want you to “know” that you got a reading and didn’t give them the information.

You can attend a Bridging Two Worlds seminar and possibly get a short reading.  They randomly give readings throughout the room.  (Not everyone gets a reading)

 You can call Introspect…A Look Within at 612-824-2427 and book a private phone reading or an in person reading.

QWhat information do you need to do a private reading for me?

A:  When you call in for your reading we will ask you your name and if you would like to focus on any particular areas more than others (personal, business, who is around you).  It is your time to get information about what is happening in your personal life, your career or receive information from people who have crossed over and have messages for you.  We want our clients to walk away with helpful information that they can apply to better their life and a knowing that they did not feed us the information.  THEY GOT THE READING!

Q:  I am a little nervous about getting a reading.  What happens if you tell me something bad is going to happen to me?

A:  We do not forecast NEGATIVITY! We believe “free will” is an essential part of our being.  A psychic’s responsibility should be to help you learn how to path work.  Based on what you are doing, the information is given about the path you are on; you can change a direction or a choice to develop a different outcome of a lesson.  We help you look at issues around you and what the possibilities are.  You cannot change issues with the mind that created them, something has to change—and this is your possibility!

Q:  What can I expect from a reading? (I have never had one)

A:  You can expect to spend time with Susan or Christine and get information that is validating and valuable about things going on in your life, where you are heading in the next 6-12 months based on the information they receive.  You may choose to hear from loved ones on the other side that have passed away a day, a year or longer ago.  They usually validate their identity; offer messages to give you awareness they are still around you, supporting you and the people around you giving you a view that life transcends death.

Q:  Can I have someone with me when I get my reading?

A:  A reading over the phone is usually focused on one individual.  There is generally a lot of information that comes through and the time goes by fast.  If you choose to have others in attendance, the reading goes to whoever the messages come through for, and you may not get the reading you hoped for.  We welcome you to call and discuss this option. 

A family reading is considered a different type of booking and we suggest they are in person and you book enough time to cover the topics you choose.

Q: Do you guarantee that who I want to hear from on the other side will come through?

A:  We do not guarantee who comes through.  Generally, people with the messages come through and that does usually include who you want to hear from.  It is entirely up to you to say a prayer and ask if they will and then it is up to them.

QWhat happens if there is no one around me from the other side?

A:  We haven’t met anyone who doesn’t have someone on the other side; whether it is guidance, relatives, acquaintances, or best friends.

Inner Journey Class

Q:  Do you teach people how to be psychic?

A:  No, we teach them to remember.  We are all more than what we see!  We have a physical and energetic body that has senses that mimic our physical senses.

Q:  Where do you have your classes?

A:  We generally offer classes once or twice a year.  They are held in our home town of Minneapolis, Minnesota and other locations as time and commitments allow.

Q:  What can I expect from your classes or workshops?

A:  Always an opportunity to learn more about you!  Whether it is the Introduction class, the Series or a section from the series it is always self motivation, self development and yes, psychic development.  They are hands on workshops that you will experience topics such as, meeting your own guidance and developing communication, learning what resonates for you now and how to develop path working in moving forward in life from a place that empowers you instead of what holds you back, or perhaps it is telepathy, empathy and channeling and what it means.  They are many topics to numerous to mention here.  It is always a safe environment that encourages and challenges you to achieve your expectations and more.

Q:  How much do your classes cost?

A:  It varies as to whether it is a one day or two day workshop and if they are in our home town or we travel to a location.  They will range in price from $95.00 to $250.00.

Q:  Is there anything required before I can go to your class?

A:  A five subject notebook, a good night’s sleep and to be present in class. 

Q:  How do I sign up for an Inner Journey Class?

A:  You can call us at 612-824-2427 to pre-register for class.  Pre-registration is required for all classes.

Bridging Two Worlds Events

Q:  Will I get a reading?

A:  We read as many people as we can during one of our events.  We work randomly through the audience and reaching out to all areas of the room.  SO, IT DOESN’T MATTER WHERE YOU SIT, YOU ARE NOT OUT OF REACH!  We cannot promise that you will be one of the people that will get reading but we can’t say there isn’t a possibility.

Q:  Can we Ask Questions?

A:  There are question and answer sessions.

Q:  What do you mean when you say you demonstrate different types of readings?

A:  We will give messages from people who have passed on and give you affirmations of the continuity of life and that love transcends death.  We give psychic readings including sharing with you information about you and we demonstrate techniques we use to get information when working with police cases.

Books, Classes and CD’s

Q:  Can I get a signed copy of Susan Anderson’s book, Communicating With Grace; the Awakening of a Psychic Medium?

A:  We do book signings at our events and book stores.  You can also order a signed copy from us by calling Introspect at 612-824-2427 (the price includes handling and shipping!)

Q: What are “classroom quality” CD’s?

A:  “Classroom Quality” refers to CD’s recorded during class or in a classroom setting.  They are not the quality of tapes in a recording studio.

Mailing List and Newsletter

Q:  If I give you my information is it considered “private”?

A:  We encourage you to send us your information that includes name, address, phone and email address.  We do NOT share any of your information with any external source.

Q:  Is there a Newsletter?

A:  Yes, coming in the summer, The Exchange© will be available for online delivery and mailing for its 2007 debut.

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