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Susan is a nationally recognized Intuitive Life and Career Coach and speaker. She is a psychic medium and developmental mentor. Susan is a published author who enjoys writing and developing new projects.

Susan Anderson
Susan Anderson


"From the first day I met Susan back in 2002, she gave me a message that only my mother and I would have known, she has been spot on with our listeners. Our listeners laugh, cry and are in awe of the description and messages from the other side. She has a special way of giving their messages in a positive light and offers suggestions and guidance to help our listeners achieve a better outlook about themselves and their lives. She not only helps our listeners personally, but also gives her time and talent freely for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Her dedication to helping others shows in every aspect"

- Cathy Kates, B105 Breakfast Club

Susan is a nationally recognized Developmental and Intuitive Life Skills Mentor and Medium. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher and is educated in Shamanic Healing.

Susan trained with a variety of established intuitive and healing professionals around the country and then developed her own personal way of helping clients and specializes in providing communication with Spirit.

She has nearly two decades of experience guiding people dealing with grief, anxiety, depression, life altering changes and other issues that plague a person's ability to move through their life successfully.

She provides that guidance through private readings, gallery/large audience readings, one-on-one intuitive life skills sessions, classes with a combination of Reiki/Shamanic Energy work, meditations, practical instruction on personal development and intuitive skills classes. She is also available as a speaker for public events, speaking about the many subjects she has authored.

Susan has had clients from all walks of life. Doctors, therapists and other mental health professionals as well as clergy have been clients and have even referred some of their clients to her because of her broad-based skills. She has also dealt with law enforcement agencies to assist them in solving various cases. She additionally enjoys working with meet up groups and clubs as well as engaging at bridal showers, reunions, and more.

Over the past several years, Susan has been heard on radio stations nationwide and in Canada. She has also appeared on NBC and FOX TV.

Whether Susan is on air live with radio or television, in front of an audience or teaching her writings, she brings a practical approach to assisting with life's questions of the here, the now and the beyond.

Since 2004, Susan is known for her charitable work with radio stations raising monies for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and along with Children's Miracle Network and Oprah's Big Give raising seed monies for clinics in the schools in Louisiana. Susan has also raised monies for several years for a project of the Minnetonka School District.

Susan is a published author who enjoys writing and developing new offerings. Her current project has been her Bridging Two Worlds Seminars© along with books and workbooks.

Susan is a born and raised Minnesotan and was reared with a religious upbringing. After a life-altering event, Susan embraced her natural abilities. She could "see" from a very young age and was embraced by her Grandmother, who also had the gift, as they shared stories on what each of them "saw".

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