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Northland News
3/13/2015, Life Coaches help raise money for St. Jude Children's Hospital
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Susan Anderson

Welcome to Bridging Two Worlds®
Home of Life Coach, Mentor, Author and
Psychic Medium Susan Anderson.

"There is a thin veil that exists between this life and the other side. It can be a fleeting moment when we travel between the two dimensions and our world is changed forever."
-Susan Anderson

Excerpt from "Communicating with Grace;
the Awakening of a Psychic Medium"

Bridging Two Worlds Seminars©
Developmental and Intuitive Life Skills Mentoring

Communicating with Grace home
This is the story of Susan Anderson's personal journey, from her first vision of her brother's death to finding acceptance and the challenges she had in learning to own her own power. This journey touches everyone in some way—perhaps it will spark an awakening in you, bring back a memory, raise a question, offer affirmation or simply bring a smile, a laugh or even a tear or two.

Communicating With Grace©
can be found or ordered at any major bookstore or Amazon (rated 41/2 stars).

Communicating With Grace© is also sold at all our events or you can contact us and for the cover price of the book plus shipping and handling we can send it out to you. For a special gift you can order the book and pay an additional $5.00, Susan will sign and place a message inside the cover of your book for a person of your choice.

Message from Spirit
"I am aware of you, what touches your life and how much you miss me. Are you aware of me? There is a bridge that exists between two worlds; it is a greeting card from heaven".
–Susan Anderson

Excerpt from "Communicating with Grace; the Awakening of a Psychic Medium©"

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